Felder Creek Community Church is starting out of a vision to connect people with God in whatever way it takes. We know people come from different playing fields such as career choices, size of family, places they moved from, churches they were brought up in, music they listen to, or even the food they eat. But we also know that God is interested in each one of our lives no matter where we come from. He’s interested in “Connecting” with us right where we are. That’s why we made a dramatic move in life by changing our jobs and selling our house to move to Felder Creek. We felt God saying He wanted us to find a way to connect with people “Outside the Box”. We feel that many of you have been searching for meaning in life and a way to find God. Why don’t you start by coming to a small group where together we can look at God from Outside the Box? I think you’ll be surprised that you can connect with God through comedy, video, music, games and even food.

    FCCC is an interdenominational Spirit-filled church reaching out to people of all ages, races and socio-economic levels through music, drama, video, small groups, Children’s & youth ministry, prayer and the spoken word.

Our Contact Info

Pastor Bob and Linda Barnett

Phone: 843-471-2755

Email: FCCC@hometelecom.com


  1. Sunday Mornings at 10:30AM

Corner of Jedburg Rd. and Hwy. 176

(Cooper Store Corner)

Come early for coffee & donuts!

  1. Wednedsday Nights at 6:30PM

Share a meal together

Followed by Bible Study

Meeting at the Barnett’s Home

245 Westbrooke Road in Felder Creek


  1. Keep your eyes on this spot!